Issam Hourani is one of the finest and successful entrepreneurs from Lebanon. He was born on June 13, 1967, and the eldest among his siblings- Hussam, Devincci, and Hiam. The Hourani is a reputed family in Beirut, also known as Khorani.

In the 1990s, an idea of investing in Kazakhstan came in Issam and Devinnci’s mind during their visit to this place. Kazakhstan’s economy was growing after its independence from the Communist Movement. They were among the first investors during Kazakhstan revival. This rapid growth of the economy allows Hourani to develop a business empire from mass media, pharmaceutical, oil, aviation, and poultry farming.

Issam Hourani and Gulshat Aliyeva met during Issam’s business deal with her father. They both got married in 1996 and later became parents of a daughter named Ayaa. The Hourani family had no interest in political affairs but they constantly get invitations to functions and public gatherings. The political dispute in Kazakhstan is the reason why Issam lives with his family in Lebanon.

He became a victim of a cynical conspiracy, a campaign alleged that he murdered a TV presenter Anastasiya Novikova. This incident changed his life and damaged his reputation. Later, Mr. Hourani’s counsel succeeds to reveal the ugly truth of the campaign that was formed to defame and harass him. After a long struggle, Issam Hourani managed to prove his innocence and won the case. During the trial of 10 days, the involvement of John Michael Waller was also exposed, who designed this deceitful campaign. The court also made a judgment to reveal the name of the clients for whom John Waller created this campaign. So, the fight to get justice is still unfinished.

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